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The classroom is a very important part of your student’s success and your active participation is always welcomed. Alpha Learning is “Home of the Spiritual Warriors”! And every warrior has a team of fellow soldiers with whom they train, form relationships and support.

As a parent, you too are a part of our Army of the Lord!  Follow your student’s classroom blog for the latest and up to date information.

Click on your child’s classroom blog link below:

Cadets- Kindergarten Class

Cavaliers – 1st Grade Class

Nobles- 2nd Grade Class

Gallants – 3rd Grade Class

Champions – 4th Grade Class

Knights- 5th Grade Class

Our PTF Blog – Minutes from our meetings:

We look forward to you visiting our PTF blog pages for school updates. As a parent, you are a very important piece to the learning process.  Your involvement promotes student success. Students with involved parents are more likely to

When families, schools, and communities work together:

It is a partnership and we look forward to working together to make the investment in our students.