Kindergarten Celebration and Awards Program

The end to our academic year is fast approaching, and plans are underway to celebrate our Kindergarten students and their academic accomplishments.  Although this program is not to be confused with graduation, it carries an equal amount of celebration for our students and families.  This is a time to acknowledge the hard work and determination that our students and their parents have demonstrated throughout the year.  As a family, we have all embraced learning which will be exemplified during the upcoming program.

The Theme this year is, “Children of the World”and will feature demonstrations of classroom learning from a global perspective.

Our teachers have worked diligently ensure a successful foundation of abilities and knowledge;  which is utilized to form the building blocks for our student’s educational future.

The Kindergarten promotion program is schedule for Friday, May 23, 2014 and will begin promptly at 7:00 PM

For additional details, please contact a Kindergarten faculty member:

Ms. Byrd:

Ms. Ward:

Or you may contact the school office at 407-447-2897.