Portrait Day

Picture Pick -up from Nov. 8th – Nov. 15th!

TeddybearPicsGetting Ready

Fill out, sign, and return the Portrait Permission Form if you haven’t already done so. Please request a form from your Director if you have not received one. Only one form is needed per family.
Dress your child in their favorite outfit on Portrait Day.
Have your child practice their perfect smile.

Here’s what actually happens on Picture Day:

A teacher or staff member will lead your student to the picture-taking area.   Volunteers will greet your student, answer questions, straighten collars and provide combs for quick touch-ups.

A Teddybear Portrait professional photographers will pose your child with the attention and care that creates a quality portrait.

Alpha Learning Academy students will be allowed to dress out of uniform for Pictures ONLY & should plan on changing back into uniform for the remaining school day.

Please follow these tips to ensure successful session:

  • Choose solid colors or simple patterns that compliment the portrait’s background
  • Medium to dark shades create a timeless look
  • Soft shades enhance lighter backgrounds
  • Avoid shirts with slogans as photo cropping can cut words in half
  • Long-sleeved shirts are best since short sleeves can be distracting and sleeveless tops can look too casual
  • Select small accessories that do not detract, such as simple earrings (for girls), pins and necklaces

Your photographs will be delivered to the school on November 8th and will be available for pick-up until November 15th in the school office.